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Find Our More Information About Trex Cost

Before we discuss about Trex decking cost, then it’s good to know about TREX decking products first. To note, TREX…

May 8, 2016

Before we discuss about Trex decking cost, then it’s good to know about TREX decking products first. To note, TREX is one of the largest recycling company in the United States were the product of his deck consists of 95% recycled products with various types of materials that are inside from sawdust, plastic, and wood reclaimed. By using TREX decking, then we do not need to worry about the impact it will have on the environment because the material is made from recycled material so environmentally friendly that is different from other materials that are used as timber decking as a percentage of the components is much higher. Although made from reclaimed wood, but the deck does not require the level of care as well as most wood decks.

When we get Trex decking cost, then surely our eyes will widen because of the high price offered. However, if we want to compare the TREX decking with other materials, then we will have a number of advantages. There are a number of impressive features possessed by TREX decking from the fact that the material is not easy to crack, does not splinter, anti-slip, will not swell when contaminated with moisture, and has minimal shrinkage in cold temperatures. When we use a material made from wood decks, then we will find that the material will decompose over time due to exposure to a variety of things that weaken the strength of the wood itself. This is certainly different when we use TREX decking that will not give us any problems. Total Trex decking cost will range between $ 1,500 up to $ 2,500 for the deck with a size of 250 square meters. In addition, there are several choices of quality that we can get started on the TREX Select the basic quality of the average priced around $ 7 per square foot, TREX Enhance the quality higher priced around $ 8 per square foot, and TREX Transcend which is the highest grade is priced around $ 9 – $ 10 per square foot.

Trex decking cost is a proven more expensive, but with the look and durability of high quality that we can get then we can be sure it will be a worthwhile investment. In addition to some of the above advantages that we can get, we will also find that the item has to UV protection that will not fade even in the sun in the summer. Anyway, when we find the colors that fade in the first few months then do not worry because this is a natural process of composite decks are trying to adjust to the climate in the location. By selecting TREX decking, we also will find a wide selection of colors that can be adapted to the style of the house. We can also easily cut into unique designs as you wish that cannot be done by other deck materials.

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