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Get High Durability With Travertine Pavers

We can use the travertine as one of the materials for pavers because it is a material that is sufficiently…

May 8, 2016

We can use the travertine as one of the materials for pavers because it is a material that is sufficiently dense and hard that it would be appropriate to apply as a paver. Additionally, travertine has a slightly rough surface that is capable of producing excellent traction to serve a variety of purposes including the paver serve pedestrian traffic and others. Travertine comes in a variety of colors that can be blended with landscape design and complete the exterior look of the house as a whole. Travertine pavers are very durable and to provide a solid foundation, so be sure to provide a uniform platform for pavers where we had to dig the soil to a depth of 8 inches in areas planned. Clean the area first before applying the plate compactor to get land on the ground. Fill the excavated area with crushed gravel, up to at least 3 layers. After we apply each layer with gravel, condense area using the compactor. We will find the edge of crushed rocks to form a bond that is locked and form a solid basis for paver project we do.

To continue travertine pavers project we do, then the next step we need to do after a series of preparatory above is applying edging with poured concrete shallow along the outer perimeter after we finished setting the travertine tile. After applying edging, then we’ll go to the next stage of applying the finish on travertine tile. There are several choices of finish that we can get to maximize functionality and look of travertine pavers from the start of the tumbled finish that is the finish that will produce natural looking on the paver with texture, porous surface that has great traction and skid resistant. In addition, we can also get honed travertine as one other finish options are very suitable to be applied on the outdoor project that will produce a finer finish appearance when compared with tumbled, and also has a large enough traction even when wet paver conditions. Finish the third is polished travertine surface that has the look smooth, shiny, and will make travertine pavers has charming look.

The other thing we need to consider when deciding to apply travertine pavers is to determine the design pattern that we will apply. There are many options that we can get the pattern out there that can be tailored to the tastes and needs of each. It will be a process that is fun to do because the sky is the limit for us to pull out all the creativity and imagination in presenting the best pattern for Paver we want.

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