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Get Refinishing To Your Travertine Flooring

Travertine flooring is one of the types of tiles are derived from limestone which is present in several colors ranging…

May 8, 2016

Travertine flooring is one of the types of tiles are derived from limestone which is present in several colors ranging from brown, yellow, to shades of pink color that will greatly depend on the location of the quarry we do. Over time, the charm of the floor using travertine tile will lose luster and maybe there will be some tiles are dull, worn, and stained. To be able to restore the charm of travertine tiles, then we can choose to apply refinishing. There are a number of steps that we need to go through to get the look of the floor again issued a distinctive charm of travertine tiles, and the following is the list below.

First, broom the floor to clean up all the dirt and debris that may be found on the floor. Second, the edge of the lid and door jams with tape in order to protect the area from damage that might occur during the refinishing process is done. Third, apply the stone stripper floor in travertine flooring by using a paint brush or roller. Do not forget to make sure that the stripper is used for materials such as travertine then leave in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Fourth, scrub the floor by using a stiff brush or use a broom to remove the stripper and sealer that is on the floor. After that, use a mop and clean water to remove all residual stripper and sealer products available. Allow the floor to dry before continuing travertine flooring refinishing.

Now, it’s time for us to apply the travertine flooring refinish. First, sprinkle powder on the floor polishing by hand that will make an appearance becomes more radiant floor. Second, spray the floor with water using a sprayer and make sure polishing powder turns into a milky fluid. Third, wear safety glasses and begin to apply the sandpaper on the floor. Use hand sanded to handle small area or we can choose to rent a sander machine that will allow us to handle large area. Be sure to read the instructions for polishing powder that we use in order to get the proper grit sandpaper to use. Be sure to sand the floor until smooth and free of blemishes and various other signs of damage. After that, add the re-honing or polishing powder finish to create what we want. Fourth, clean the floor using a damp mop and vacuum the floor until all the dust and dirt disappear from the surface of the floor. Fifth, after the floor to dry completely, apply a seal to travertine use a paint brush and let it dry completely before starting our first step in the room.

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