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Installing Freestanding Tubs

Finally, I come back writing for you again after a little long break since I introduced my last article a…

May 8, 2016

Finally, I come back writing for you again after a little long break since I introduced my last article a few months ago. How are you now, guys? As usual, I will still talk about some topic not far from bathroom. This time, I want to talk about freestanding tubs, what and how they are basically as well as how to deal with the installation of any of such tubs in a bathroom.

Freestanding type of bathtub, as you know, is one of several fanciest models of bathtubs of all time. The peculiar style is the point of attention. You may see a tub of freestanding type as a kind of artistic tubs that look as if it is a big bowl that is just placed somewhere in the bathroom interior, forgetting the fact that it is actually connected to the plumbing system. Yup, it is certainly not a separate thing, regardless it is position that is not attached or even mounted from any wall of the bathroom.

It looks complicated, isn’t it? Practically, that is not the only problem. That is why installing this kind of tubs is considered as little bit more difficult, especially for it is quite complicated to set up the plumbing. And, the wisest decision is to let a professional handle it, though actually we can still try to do so. Yes, we still can.

How to Install a Freestanding Bathtub

If you have enough courage to deal with freestanding tubs installation, there are several tips for you.

b) Call a plumber for help.

Even if you want to do the project yourself, it is still necessary to contact some professional plumber because some tasks may be best dealt with by a professional rather than yourself.

c) Measure the bathtub’s weight for safety.

It is very technical, which is often considered trivial. But, believe me that how light or heavy the tub is has something to do with how easy it is to be set up, how safe it is for the installer, as well as how strong the bathroom floor is so that it is never overburdened by the bathtub that will be installed. As we all know, some of freestanding tubs are made of heavyweight materials like copper.

d) Check the watertight seals.

It is time for the hired plumber to take action. The all seals of the watertight have to be made sure working well for the sake of working plumbing.

e) Examine the bathtub’s condition

Don’t forget also to check the tub that you buy.

f) Protect the expensive floor

Starting the project, also need to avoid scratching the floor, especially if it is expensive floor like marble.

g) Then, deal with the drain installation
h) After that, check if the connections of the plumbing are flexible to be accessed.
i) Next, deal with the trap installation
j) Now, deal with the faucet valve installation
k) Lastly, get the mess cleaned.

You can begin now.

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