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Know The Steps Garage Door Opener Installation

If we want to apply the garage door opener installation, then we can do it with or without the help…

April 14, 2016

If we want to apply the garage door opener installation, then we can do it with or without the help of professionals. It will be DIY project that hone skills and experience will certainly be an artisan who should not be missed. We would need is some useful information and prepare a number of supplies and equipment appropriate to start the project. To find out how to install the right, then there are many resources that we can use ranging from magazines, books, and the Internet. There are a lot of articles or videos on the internet that will show you the best way for us to do a project with maximum results. However, remember one thing that the provisions of this garage door installation has different models and varied. Therefore, it will be important for us to read the instructions carefully and make sure that what we do in accordance with the manufacturer desired.

Although it comes in a wide choice of models vary, but in general we can do a DIY job for garage door opener installation based on the following steps. First, prepare some supplies before starting the DIY project where we will need a tape measure, pliers, wire cutter, level, screw drivers, hack saw, hammer, sockets, wrenches, drill and drill bits, mounting brackets, and most importantly – garage door opener set. Second, check the part of the garage door opener sets that we have and see parts used rails. There are several models of used rails and rail is the latest model of the T-shaped rail. When we have it, the first thing we need to do is align the rails form of T in place, secure with screws, align the idler pulley, secured at the end of the rail of the door opener. Third, get the trolley, slide rails carefully so that we can bolt the rail on the door opener. After that, insert a screwdriver in the hole to secure it in place trolley without worry. Plug one end of the belt chain by using hardware that has been included in the set of garage door opener in order to garage door opener installation. Be sure to wrap the chain around the idler pulley and around the sprocket opener. Finally, attach the chain to the other side of the pulley. Fourth, make sure to add 2 inches in measurement we do. Mark the area where we will put the header opening bracket, attach the head bracket, close the door, and then connect it to the end of the idler pulley assembly. Make sure we lift pulley unit to ensure that the rail is on track opener. Do it once again to open the door and door opener raise up to 2 inches above the door by using shims.

The final step we need to do for a garage door opener installation is getting mounting bracket and connect it to the existing block in the garage ceiling using lag screws. After that, install door opener in the bracket with the help of mounting brackets that comes along with a set of garage door opener. Perform installation of door controls and other components to complete the rest of the garage door opener installation. Do not forget to test the garage door opening and make sure everything is functioning normally.

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