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Simple Job To Do By Yourselves

If we want to apply the repairing drywall cracks, then the possibility for us to be able to cover all…

March 28, 2016

If we want to apply the repairing drywall cracks, then the possibility for us to be able to cover all the cracks smoothly are large enough when we know the best way to fill them. As is known, the drywall can be damaged due to a variety of treatments including the presence of foreign elements or recklessly when moving furniture so make drywall cracks. In addition, long nails embedded in the wall could also weigh on drywall and make a broken wall from time to time. Cracks will we encounter can vary in size from small to large cracks. For that, there are ways and treatment of special that we can apply in accordance with the level of cracks owned.

(1) Perform repairing drywall in small cracks – we will need a few items from the sandpaper, joint compound, 3-inch spreader, primer, and paint. Begin the job with sand the surfaces using sandpaper with a medium level of roughness. Emery crack and surrounding parts will be useful to remove the old compound and bring a fresh new layer. After that, fill the cracks with joint compound using the help of 3-inch spreader. Be sure to fill cracks and surface with strong pressing on the wall and smooth. After that, allow it and let it dry completely, at least up to 10 hours ahead. The next step for repairing drywall is to apply abrasives on the surface to remove spots on the surrounding area has dried. Make sure the surface is flat and smooth before applying a primer layer. Allow the primer to dry completely before applying a coat of paint. After coating the paint dries, we can apply the next layer and let it dry completely.

(2) Perform repairing drywall in large cracks – we will need a few items ranging from fine grit sandpaper, taping knife 4 inch, 12 inch taping knife, joint compound, primer, paint, drywall tape, and mud pan of plastic. Start the job by eroding the edges of the crack by using a 4-inch taping knife in order to remove loose compound. Enter the taping knife into the crack when the crack is large enough and the pared-out loose existing compound. After that, enter the joint compound on the mud pan and with the help of 4-inch taping knife, fill the gap with joint compound. Place the tape around the crack and push the excess compound around the edges with a knife. Be sure to scrape the tape to remove excess compound around the area. Apply a thin layer of compound return using 4 inch taping knife and let it dry overnight perfect. Now, by using a 12-inch taping knife, apply the next compound layer and let it dry perfectly. Once completely dry out, use sandpaper to smooth the surface before we apply a primer and let it dry. Apply paint, wait for it to dry, and apply a second coat of paint and let dry. Drywall sandpaper surface using a fine-grit sanding and repairing drywall process was completed.

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